#BlogHer14: Social Media Optimization

Seach Engine Optimization is so 2010: today's game is Social Media Optimization @SMO

  1. Description from the BlogHer14 Guide

    Social Media optimization (SMo) and Social Advertising

    In a pair of lightning lessons, dig deeper into two more sophisticated ways to distribute and promote your content. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) used to be the gold standard for making sure your content got seen, but now it’s SMO (Social Media Optimization) that is driving views and audience connections. learn what SMO is, what it means for you, and how it can change your promotion and distribution game. Then, get schooled in the quickly changing world of advertising with the social giants: facebook and Twitter. There actually are ways to successfully manage an ad campaign on these major platforms. We'll start at budget setting and go all the way through metrics tracking, to help you guarantee success.


    Peg Fitzpatrick spoke on Social Media Optimization Her personal blog is  pegfitzpatrick.com; @pegfitzpatrick. She contributes to the collaborative blog 12most.com/, and is the Head of Social Strategy with Canva and works with Guy Kawasaki on Social Media. 

    Maribel Lara spoke on Social Advertising.  She blogs at Que Pasa NYC; @latina_sweetie, is an  Account Supervisor at VaynerMedia.

    Note: An anonymous blogger liveblogged this for BlogHer. You can read the post at Social Media Optimization (SMO) and Social Advertising

  2. Peg Fitzpatrick started by defining the difference between Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Optimization (SMO). SEO is expensive and complicated to do well. It may not be worth your time and money to focus on SEO.  Of course, be smart and use keywords and plugins in your blog posts, but focus on your content and your niche.

    Focus on quality.
  3. Do use Pinterest because it has longest shelf-life of any social media. (Sigh. I have been resisting Pinterest, will have to saddle up....)
  4. Peg's blog post Quick Tips for Great Social Media Graphics has some great ideas and rules of thumb. 
  5. Work on building community, ethically. 
  6. On building community: Use  triberr.com/ (This is new to me, will have to investigate).
  7. Don't forget the value of email. 
  8. Now Maribel Lara is speaking. She works for Gary Vaynerchuk and describes him as "amazing". 

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