#BlogHer14: Digital Activism

How and Why to Advocate on the Internet


  1. Description from the BlogHer14 Guide

    Digital Activism: lead the Change You Want to See in the World

    We've all heard people slam online activism on Twitter and facebook, but we challenge the notion that there’s nothing happening behind the hashtags. Meet three women who are leaders in the world of non-profit advocacy, igniting change from behind a screen. You have the potential and the opportunity to marshal your own community to get behind causes you believe in. find out how it's done—and get out there and change the world for the better.

    Moderator: Jo White, Media Mum,  @mediamum 
    Speakers: Beth Kanter, BethKanter.org,  @kanter;  Esta Soler, Futures Without Violence @WithoutViolence

  2. Jo opened by giving examples of how social media has given substantive help in natural disasters and other situations, such as evacuating horses from a flood zone. 
  3. (Note: I realized afterwards that I as I was livetweeting, I was using "@bethkantor" instead of @kanter -- the perils of cut and paste! If you get it wrong the first time, the error perpetuates.) 

    Beth, talking about the Nestle Family Blogging affair as a teaching story.

    Backstory: in 2009, Nestlé invited a group of bloggers -- mostly women -- to visit the company and talk with various brand managers.  A twitterstorm blew up.  Annie, who writes PhD in Parenting, wrote an An Open Letter To The Attendees Of The Nestle Family Blogger Event, describing why she is opposed to Nestlé in all ways, and asked the bloggers attending the event.

    The panelists used the Nestlé Family Blogging event to talk about various aspects of digital activism. 
  4. You can read the responses of some of the participating bloggers: Oh, Amanda; This Full House; Classy Chaos.

  5. There was a question from the audience about finding allies. 
  6. Esta on changing the conversation around domestic violence:
  7. Something Esta said in passing caught my attention.
  8. I think I meant to say: In Congress today, you cannot have a conversation about women's issues -- such as domestic violence--without having the topic of abortion brought into the conversation.  

    But back to Este's comments on digital advocacy:
  9. I wish I had taken better notes on what Beth Kanter @kanter had said about "your digital reputation" rather than this not very informative summary. Perhaps Beth will elaborate. 
  10. There was a question from the audience about blogging and social media if you are employed. Beth's advice: