Social media's influence in the political realm

By Elizabeth Arakelian


  1. The nature of politics has changed immensely in recent years with the advent of social media. Instantaneous dialogue is created amongst candidates, voters, viewers, and press teams, meaning the average person can have as much weight as the employed newscaster online.

  2. Strategists and average Americans alike no longer need to wait for the results of formal polls to understand the political climate as viewers' theories and opinions are instantly shared online.

  3. Rand Paul vs. Donald Trump CNN Debate 9/16/15
  4. However, social media is not only a way to react to what is on the news. It is also a forum for viewers to address larger questions that can govern voting trends.

  5. Perhaps most importantly, social media provides the user an outlet. Similar to writing in a diary, expressing oneself has proven therapeutic, especially when one experiences cringe-worthy moments alone.

  6. Though often useful for a light-hearted take on serious issues, social media can also be a venue for reform. It permits individuals to archive powerful moments that can be shared in a call to action.

  7. Carly Fiorina Response to Planned Parenthood on CNN Debate | The Blaze
  8. However, most often it is utilized so that one can share a soft chuckle with others. Each "favorite" and "retweet" functions as a virtual "high-five" and confirms to the person who posted it that they are, indeed, funny.