The Really Useful Event - Data Discovery Workshop #RU11

This storify is telling the story of the 'Really Useful 2011 Event - Data Discovery Workshop'. This event is hosted by Local Directgov and the Transparency team at DCLG. We will be sharing information throughout the day and hope you can join us in telling your story.


  1. The Really Useful Event
    The Really Useful Event
  2. We'd love to know what you thought about #RU11. What you loved? What you hated? ;-) Everything! Let us know how we can do it better!
  3. You didn't think #RU11 was going to go away quietly did you??? We want you to continue talking and discussing those amazing solutions created at #RU11. Did you find out the data wasn't good enough? Need to bring in more experts? Want to tweak the solution? Well, here's your chance and place to do it.

  4. Still don't know what #RU11 was all about. Check out the link below.

  5. Here was the agenda for the The Really Useful Day - Data Discovery Workshop 1st July 2011 at Eland House in London, UK.
  6. This is what we asked the participants to do at #RU11.....