Do TV Screensavers Exist?

Let's talk about how to turn your TV into a relaxation panel by looping a relaxing, background video in a similar way to traditional computer screensavers.


  1. First things first, TV screensavers do not exist in the same way that computer screensavers do. This is where you set an app to play a graphic or video over and over when not using your computer screen. There just isn't currently the functionality to do this as of November 2014.
  2. The only way to get this functionality is a kind of semi manual TV screensaver. Basically you need to select a video and press play. You will also need a media player that has a loop or repeat function. SMART TVs often have this built in, but HDTVs will require an extra device like a media player box or media streamer like the Apple TV or Google Chromecast. Below is a recent Tweet about one of the cheapest options
  3. ...The above is a little media player box. You can plug in an SD card, USB stick or a USB external hard drive. Then it is just a case of selecting a video, selecting the repeat/loop option and pressing play.
  4. What makes a good TV screensaver video?

  5. Fish tanks are awesome to use because with todays sharp screens, the fish look almost life-like. Any video od scenery with moving elemts is also good, for example a waterfall or animals. At this time of the year there is only one thing to use as a TV screensaver and that is a fireplace (unless you have a real one of course).
  6. A well filmed fireplace video in full HD is almost as good as the real thing, with none of the disadvantages. A real fireplace costs a lot to install, you have to keep buying and moving around wood and ash, it is dangerous if you have children, plus they take a while to get going. Basically the real thing is actually quite a lot of hassle.
  7. A HD fireplace video from someone like Uscenes is the way to go. These videos do make a room feel more cosy, almost warmer, because of the amber color that the flames give off.
  8. You can easily film these types of videos yourself too. Most smartphones can record HD movies now, so just buy a cheap table tripod and point your camera at a nice scene from nature or a friend's aquarium or fireplace.
  9. Check out the Uscenes site for ideas on good places to film. Set the timer at the beginning of your recording to avoid the camera or phone moving when you press record, then you will soon have an attractive TV screensaver. You might just need to snip off the end part if the camera moves when you press stop. The camera needs to be kept still so that it can loop continuously just like a computer screensaver.
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