Park, Jung-geun's (@seouldecadence) RT of N.Korean account violates The National Security Law of S.Korea

Park, Jung-geun (photographer & Socialist Party member) is jailed by violation of The National Security Law. S.Korean prosecutor accused that he re-tweets N.Korean account's tweets and writes several articles for promoting N.Korea. But people argues this decision disturbs freedom of speech.

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  1. [Photo] Park, Jung-geun (@seouldecadence) is in a custody.
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  8. Hi,everyone! Welcome to Korea, where freedom of speech is suffocated! Please make sure it's South part. #tragicomedy
  9. [Translation] (He) just retweeted Uri-Min-Zok-Kki-Ri (but) prosecutors detained Park Jung-Geun. Oh Dear. Chief news directors of three S.Korean TV stations will be arrested beause they directly shown NK news coverage (when Kim Jeong-Il died).