SUNY New Paltz racist signs spark strong reaction

On Tuesday, Nov. 8, racial epithets were found on the SUNY New Paltz campus. The Little Rebellion broke the story on Nov. 10.


  1. SUNY New Paltz President Donald Christian sent a letter in an e-mail, which was sent campus-wide.
  2. The SUNY New Paltz Police Department asked for help on Nov. 8.
  3. Here are the offensive images.
  4. Second-year student Joskary Diaz found this sign posted on the elevator of Lefevre Hall.
  5. Here's the police report on the water fountain.
  6. Incident: Disorderly Conduct Date: 11/08/11 Location: HUM Case #: 11-1240 Disposition: Pending Synopsis: 12:30 HRS. - STAFF MEMBER REPORTED A RACIALLY OFFENSIVE STICKER ON WATER FOUNTAIN IN HUM.
  7. And here's the elevator sign police report
  8. 10:50 HRS. (11/08/11) - REPORTED 18:30 HRS. (11/09/11) - TWO (2) F/S's FOUND A RACIALLY OFFENSIVE POSTER PLACED IN THE LFH ELEVATOR BY P/P'S UNK. Incident: PDAA Date: 11/09/11 Location: PLATTEKILL AVE Case #: 11-1252 Disposition: Closed Synopsis:
  9. Reaction was immediate and strong.
  10. A second letter from the SUNY New Paltz President
  11. The New Paltz Oracle reported on the incident on its Nov. 17 edition 
  12. In response to the initial message, a letter on behalf of the Black Studies department was sent to the president, accusing the college of being “an active participant in the system of racial oppression in America.”
  13. An anonymous Tumblr, The Loaded Gun, posted the following the indicent.
  14. the-loaded-gun: so. my friend decided to start a race war up in new paltz. the story behind it is gold. but im just gonna sit, watch and wait
  15. The Tumblr was erased, but 'Reblogged' or 'Liked' more than 200 times, so the post is still up there.
  16. On Nov. 17, The Times Herald-Record reported on the incident.