Lean Product Management at LeanUXNYC

Highlights and responses to my talk given at Lean UX NYC conference as collected from the great and powerful twitter.


  1. Last Thursday, I spoke at the Lean UX NYC conference at NYU on Lean Product Management. It was the first time I had spoken in front of 400 people, and I was pretty nervous leading up to it! Speaking in front of crowds doesn't really bother me, but what did get to me this time was the topic. Lean is something I am really passionate about and I wanted the audience to feel that, to understand it, and then want to learn more. So I took the stage, exhaled, and gave it my best shot.
  2. I started off by telling a story about a product I had built using waterfall methods. We spent 4 months building it and it failed miserably. As excited about it as my team was, no one ended up using it. It felt like I threw a party and no one showed up.
  3. I took a poll to see who was in the audience. There was a good portion of Product Managers, which I did not expect. Everyone was here! I polled again and found out 3/4 of the audience were not using lean now. Some people get hung up on the term "lean startup" but lean actually applies within companies and in every aspect of the business. That's what this conference was about.
  4. I explained that as a Lean Product Manager, your role shifts. You no longer come up with solution on your own, and emerge the hero solving all your business's problems. You have to collaborate and incorporate the whole team. Your role becomes one of the facilitator, the person who sets up the experiment and rallies the team around it.