Use of Social Media: Dominic Sheahan-Stahl uninvited as Sacred Heart commencement speaker because he is gay

As news broke of the Mt. Pleasant catholic school's decision to disinvite keynote commencement speaker and alumnus because of his sexual orientation, Morning Sun Community Engagement editor used social media to curate, engage and tell the story as the community reacted.


  1. A curated social media story of first-day reaction to Sacred Heart's decision. Included in this storify is community facebook and twitter reaction, a video response to the school's decision from Sheahan-Stahl, a Google Voice project in which readers share their opinion and links to Morning Sun content and a video created by senior students at Sacred Heart Academy reacting to the school's decision.
  2. Sacred Heart held an assembly to address the situation, and had Sheahan-Stahl attend via Skype. Lisa Yanick-Jonaitis live tweeted and livestreamed the event, and Morning Sun Editor Rick Mills used the live coverage to write this story as the assembly happened. 
  3. Lisa Yanick-Jonaitis used social media to find sources and information for a word story on the community's reaction to the school standing by its decision.
  4. Sheahan-Stahl held a separate event in which he gave his keynote address. This social media story highlighted live coverage and reaction from the speech.