Community reacts to Sheahan-Stahl's dismissal as keynote speaker at SHA because he is gay

As news spread Wednesday night and Thursday that Mount Pleasant, Mich. Catholic school Sacred Heart Academy rescinded its invitation to alumnus Dominic Sheahan-Stahl to speak at a graduation ceremony because of his sexual orientation, the Mt. Pleasant community reacted.


  1. Initial reports of Sheahan-Stahl's dismissal as a speaker came from close friends and family on social media sites like Facebook.

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  5. Sometime Wednesday evening, a Facebook page titled "Let Dominic Speak" was created. At 6:30 am Thursday the page had 181 likes. AS of 10 pm, the page has over 3,000 likes. 

  6. Supporters created a petition, and started circulating it via social media, hoping to reach 5000 signatures. The petition states in part:

    "we do not support the endorsement of homophobia. Regardless of religious affiliation or beliefs, this type of intolerance is unacceptable. School administrative officials as well as Bishop Cistone and any others involved will know that we do not accept their close-minded way of thinking and do not sanction their behavior. We will petition, peacefully protest, and do whatever else is necessary to ensure that Dominic is allowed to speak and the homophobic intolerance is ended."
  7. Early Wednesday morning, Dominic Sheahan-Stahl posted this seven-minute video to his facebook page. He details his account of his mother telling him that his invitation to speak had been rescinded because he was "too openly gay" on Facebook, and too open about his recent engagement to a man. The video had been shared 93 times through Facebook Thursday night.

  8. Live through Love! Stop discrimination.
  9. The Morning Sun published several stories, and reported on Facebook and Twitter that Sacred Heart and leadership in the Catholic church were not responding to requests for information about the decision.

  10. Morning Sun readers shared their thoughts on an audio opinion piece. 

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  12. Sacred Heart students made this video and posted it late Thursday night.