auto owners insurance company

auto owners insurance companyauto owners insurance company


  1. auto owners insurance company
  2. auto owners insurance company
  3. BEST ANSWER: I recommend this site where you can compare free quotes from different companies:  http://PROTECTIONQUOTES.NET/index.html?src=storifyPublish 
  5. "Best health insurance, help ?"
  6. I know nothing about insurance, share your experience with your search for health insurance. In your opinion, what's the best one ? Thanks in advance, Daniel :)"
  7. "My car was stolen and recovered, insurance are offering me a low figure or they will repair it.any advis?"
  8. car: renault megane dynamiquie, 1.9 dci, mileage 106,000, black, 5dr, before stolen: smooth drive, nothing wrong with it.. after stolen recovered: insurance says it will cost 2300 to repair it hence offered me 'total loss' and got me a 'salvage offer' of 4k. Insurance is saying I only got two opetions accept offer or have it repaired. I think offer is low and dont want to get it repaired in case something else goes wrong with afterwards.. I always thought you can reject first offer so how come in this case I am not getting the option to reject offer??? Insurance are saying they are getting on 4k from salvages for the car hence wont give me more then that.. but shouldnt my insrance top up with some more or am I being silly? please advise....."
  9. Can a lie about having historical plates for cheaper insurance?
  10. When trying to get a quote from progressive online, it asks whether the motorcycle is registered as a historical vehicle. If I click yes the insurance is 50% cheaper than normal. Can I just click yes and buy then insurance, then register my bike? I don't have much money, and I only want to ride it for 2 months before I move."
  11. Buy a car? No License or insurance?
  12. Is it possible for me to buy a car with no license or insurance and have my dad drive it back to the house and keep it there? I dont intend on driving it untill i get it all sorted, i just want the satisfaction on knowing its there and its mine. Im from the UK"
  13. How soon do I need auto insurance after getting my Driver's License?
  14. I'm going to be getting my Drivers License for the first time in a week (I am 16), and I was wondering how soon after I get my license do I need to have auto insurance to drive legally? I'd like to be able to drive the day I get my license, but my parents don't want to add me to their insurance plan beforehand with the possibility of me failing the exam. Is their any kind of grace period that allows me to drive the day I get my license so I can wait until after I complete the test to purchase insurance?"
  15. Isn't the real problem causing a health care crisis in USA that cost of healthcare/insurance is too high?
  16. Health care costs are out of control and so is the cost to insure. Because of the high cost of insurance many employers no longer offer what used to be a very common employee benefit. So now we millions of americans who are uninsured because they cant afford to go out and pay 600, 700,800, 900 dollars a month for private health insurance coverage. The rich and the fortunate ones with group insurance are taken care of. The ones who dont work and are on medicaid are taken care of, but the ones who are above the poverty line and work but are struggling as it is to make ends meet cannot afford the high insurance premiums and are left uninsured. We need to find a way to make health insurance and health care more affordable ..this is how people will get insurance on their own and the government will not have to tax us more to provide more free health care."
  17. Looking For Auto Insurance?
  18. Im needing help looking for auto insurance. I just got dropped from my fathers insurance company due to the fact that ive had 2 accidents and three speeding tickets in the last three years time. Yes i know thats bad and im not looking for the smart comments i just really need help with any insurance companies that anyone knows of that will consider covering me. Thanks so much for your time.
  19. Can I get fire/theft only car insurance in UK?
  20. I currently pay around 1200 per year insurance on my new car. Recent job change though mean I only use it maybe 3 or 4 times a month, and with one day comprehensive insurance available from just 11, thought it might save me some money just to insure the car the days I use it... IF theft insurance is cheap enough. When not in use the car is in my garage so not going to cause any third party damage to anyone.."
  21. What is the blue sheild of california (health insurance) code format?
  22. Please help.. like the number on the card you get. I need to draw a picture and i want to make it as accurate as possible :) what is the blue sheild of california (insurance company) code format? for example if it is ABC123 = letter letter letter # # #
  23. Buying auto insurance?
  24. Is it possible for someone to buy auto insurance with their brother?
  25. In Northern California on average how much does the minimal amount of gas and insurance cost per month ?