EDUC 7722 Week 2: Facilitating Learning

Environment Design and Technology Capabilities


  1. The argument is made that it is not just the incorporation of technology in pedagogy that facilitates learning, but it is instead the design of the environment and the interactions and types of connections that the technology affords.
  2. Learning Theory and Online Course Design
  3. I do agree with this statement. There are varying levels and reasons for resistance to use technology to accomplish goals. The design of the environment and the types of interaction are key components to engagement. If the environment and interaction are not engaging, people will not continue. Keeping the environment well organized and using appropriate colors and themes will allow people to find content easily. Inspiring interaction between instructor, peers and learning providers is the more time-consuming part of the design -- however it is also the piece that will bring the greatest benefits. The ability to constructively and collaboratively interact is what keeps people engaged...especially if they are resistant to using technology.
  4. My subject matter was previously considered to be strictly technical training. Over the years I have realized that training is ineffective when separated this way. Training and the training environment must be designed so that it replicates a structure such as the IMPACT program at Purdue. This design is generally referred to as "backward", that is, it first identifies learning outcomes and then what is needed to get there. I would like to design our program by following the IMPACT model. I'd also like to incorporate a badging system.