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As a parent, I naturally want what's best for my child - including the best education. I believe, the best education option is homeschooling. You are your child's first teacher! No one else can know your child as well as you - and no one else will have the same level of commitment to your child that you do. Even if you're not sure you will homeschool your child throughout their school years, doing 'preschool-at-home' is a great way for you to get your feet wet, and see what this homeschooling thing is all about! Blessings, Isabelle Clover, homeschooling mom of four


Repatriating ex-pat finds herself discombobulated in Northern Virginia. Arggh!

Timothy Parros

I work with students from grades 8-12 to assist in getting them into their top choice #college, and advise them on how to receive merit based aid for tuition.

Jasmine Sandler

Official Jasmine Sandler | Keynote Speaker, Author, Consultant, Trainer on #Digital #Marketing, #SEO #LinkedIn B2B #Social #Media Strategist. P: 212-726-2340

Winnie Sun ☀️

The Wealth Whisperer. Managing Director SunGroupWP. Forbes. CNBC. Renegade Millionaire Show. Wife, mom, pal, $ advisor #investwithme


Howdy, my name is David Gorkonel and I want to be the best ever!

Jeanette O'Connor

Nuture leadership & creativity in your students, co-teach and co-learn with them, and most importantly Trust them. Chromebooks, GAFE & student digital leaders.

Say Yes to Real Foods!

Andrew S. Kitchenman

Healthcare writer for New Jersey Spotlight, an issues-focused news service.


Erpisto #ERP software provides financial reporting, #CRM & #Enterprise software solutions with 360-degree view of your business activity

Jonáš Jančařík

EU policy geek that codes. ICT, tech, social media. Social media analyst @EU_Commission. @MaasUniversity EPA, @StirUni PCM & @UniKarlova MKPR alumnus


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Steven Shaw

Spanish/German high school teacher. Ed tech enthusiast. Ed reformer. Teacher for Transformation working with @MOStudentsFirst

andrew ding dong

not a budju :(