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David Giambusso vs. Cory Booker

A reporter takes on the mayor he covers after the mayor doesn't like some of that coverage.


  1. Once upon a time, a man named Cory Booker ran for mayor of Newark in an Oscar-nominated documentary.
  2. Street Fight Official Trailer
  3. Then, he ran the city of Newark in an Emmy-nominated TV miniseries.
  4. BRICK CITY - Official Trailer
  5. Along the way, he saved a woman from a burning building and became a superhero on Twitter.
  6. Then one day, a reporter wrote a story showing that he softened his stance on gun control.
  7. The mayor got mad.
  8. The reporter got mad, too.
  9. The mayor says the reporter didn't talk to him.
  10. The reporter said he tried.
  11. Then Twitter got mad at the reporter.
  12. One even used a pun! Though it wasn't clear he realized it.
  13. Someone who is paid to stick up for the mayor did just that, but not to the reporter's satisfaction.
  14. The reporter demanded that Twitter back up the criticism with facts.