Brassica Growers' Association Annual Conference 2014

The Annual Conference of the Brassica Growers' Association was held at the Lincolnshire Showground on Tuesday, 21 January 2014. #BGAconference


  1. After an early start, the GARNet team (Charis Cook @weedinggems and Lisa Martin @lisaamartin1 / @GARNetweets) arrives at the Lincolnshire Showground (@lincsshowground) to set up an exhibition stand on behalf of the UK Brassica Research Community (@UKBRC). The first speaker of the day is Dale Walters from Scotland's Rural College (@SRUCnewsevents). 
  2. Session 2: Andy Jukes (in lieu of Rosemary Collier) from the Warwick Crop Centre (@WarwickCrop) at the University of Warwick (@warwickuni), gives an update on a Horticultural Development Company (@HDCtweets)-funded project to investigate effective control of cabbage root fly. Read more here: 
  3. On to Session 3. Next up is Richard Colgan from the Natural Resources Institute (@NRInstitute) at the University of Greenwich (@uniofgreenwich). He talks about his HDC-funded work to improve the storage life of broccoli by ridding storehouses of ethylene gas (a natural fruit/veg ripening gas). You can read more about this research here: .