New Clear Label Sensor Makes Life Easier

The LRD6300 Clear Label Sensor from Lion Precision has one button setup and capacitive sensing technology for the fastest most repeatable clear label sensor available - and test data proves it.


  1. "This new sensor received rave reviews during beta testing and answers the market's call for greater simplicity without sacrificing performance; we were even able to drop the price," says Mark Kretschmar, Lion Precision's label sensor product manager.
  2. Simple Interface. Easy to understand indicator.

  3. "There is tremendous variety among users of label sensors. Some have technical backgrounds, but many do not. The LRD6300 is so easy to setup, anyone could do it with a single button press."
  4. Watch how easy to setup:

  5. Capacitive sensors are the fastest and most accurate/repeatable

  6. LRD6300 Label Sensors works with most metallic labels:

  7. LRD6300 Metallic Label Setup
  8. "Digital watches, clocks and speedometers were all the rage in the 70s. They didn't last long because it takes too much cognitive effort to analyze and interpret numbers. However, the brain easily interprets analog displays." Seven bright LEDs comprise the EasyCheck Verification display on the LRD6300. It is specifically designed to be seen and interpreted from ten feet away.
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