St Louis Erupts Over Not Guilty Verdict For White Ex Cop

Protests continue to erupt in St. Louis for a third day in response to the acquittal of whit ex cop Jason Stockley of the murder of Anthony L. Smith, an African American Stockely was in pursuit of.

  1. According to a document from the St. Louis Circuit Attorney's office, Stockley, 35 was charged with the murder of Smith in the first degree last year, a class A felony, for shooting Smith after a car chase. Stockely was said to have told a fellow officer he was going to kill Smith. And shortly thereafter he did. Stockely claims Smith had a gun and was going to shoot him. However, only the officer's DNA was found on the gun.
  2. Hundreds of peaceful demonstrators are marching near SLU's campus.
  3. “We are not about destruction, we are about disruption,” said the Rev. Clinton Stancil, of Wayman AME Church. "Any other message you hear is not our message."
  4. For the most part the protests have been reported as peaceful. However, there were reports of some violence and looting. St. Louis is hurting and bleeding from racism, profiling and police brutality that has not been dealt with. Until a change comes about in the justice system, this type of injustice inflicted upon African Americans and minorities will continue. In church today, a pastor said, the justice system was not designed to protect us (African Americans). It was designed to protect the majority from the minority.
  5. It is sad that in 2017 Black males are still presumed guilty until proven innocent. Let's pray the justice department comes back to the area and assesses what the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department is doing in its efforts to police the city. And let us remember, not all police are bad. #Blacklivesmatter