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"Ginger" Restaurant in Kolkata denies entry to Park Street rape survivor

In Kolkata this weekend, the "Ginger Restaurant" near Hazra denied entry to the Park Street gang rape survivor, Suzette Jordon, who had after her rape, publicly come out and revealed her identity.


  1. Suzette Jordon was the weekend of the 14-15th September denied entry into a Kolkata restaurant. Instead of merely accepting the discrimination she faced, she bravely took to Facebook to share about the incident. The outrage then quickly spread, with many activists calling to boycott the restaurant as well as leave negative reviews on restaurant review sites such as FacebookZomato and Google Plus

    The boycotts and activities are arranged both in a "virtual event" as well as in a meeting on Friday the 19th in front of the restaurant.

     The restaurant also plays host to numerous musical events, one such event "THE OUTLAW" have decided to postpone and shift venue, but another "ELYSIUM 2014" have come out in support of the venue - scroll down below to see more details.

  2. A friend of Suzettes narrated her account in depth in a Facebook post which rapidly went viral:
  3. The restaurant responded aggressively: 
  4. Several news channels aired interviews with Suzette

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  9. But the response on social media has been large with calls to action both online as well as events being organised in protest of the restaurants actions: