Shared Gems 2013 Game Seminar

Tweets, links and comments about the Shared Gems 2013 Game Seminar The seminar hashtag was #SharedGems and it produced total of 173 tweets. Here is a collection web activity around the event. This Story will be updated with event related blog posts and other material that might become available.


  1. The second Shared Gems Game Seminar was organized by Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences' degree program in Media on may 7th 2013. The event took place in Activity Center Happi in Helsinki. More information about the program and the organizers on the event's homepage below.
  2. Event's Facebook page
  3. Mentions and vibes from blogs and other sources

  4. Newsletter on Metropolia UAS website
  5. Metropolia's R&D project Reititin joined the networking event and wrote a blog post about the seminar (in finnish).
  6. Other seminar related material

  7. The slides from Giuliano Cremaschi's excellent presentation
  8. The Selected Tweets

  9. As in Twitter the oldest tweet is on the bottom. So if you want to read the tweets in chronologal order scroll to the bottom first :)
  10. The happy winners of the Game Jam competition:
  11. Positive feedback