Shared Gems 2012 Game Seminar

Tweets, links and comments about the Shared Gems 2012 Game Seminar by project Vyyhti on may 1st 2012. The seminar hashtag was #SharedGems and it produced total of 194 tweets. There were also some nice blog posts about the seminar that you can find below. Thanks everyone!


  1. The detailed program and info about video the conference and Twitter participation
  2. Some blog posts covering the event (some are in finnish)

  3. The 48HRS Game Jam producer Noora describes her experience
  4. Other Game Jammer Reetta and her thoughts
  5. The tweets

  6. As in Twitter the oldest tweet is on the bottom. So if you want to read the tweets in chronologal order scroll to the bottom first :)
  7. The Master Producer is recovering from the event.
  8. Thank you very much @Ssnellman
  9. It's nice to hear that business cards got good use.
  10. @aakoo shares some interesting material next day. Thanks a lot!
  11. A cool link by @gcremaschi. Thanks!