Creative Entrepreneurship for a Competitive Economy

Creative Entrepreneurship Conference in Tallinn, Estonia on 19th, 20th and 21th October 2011.


  1. We went to Tallinn with my project manager @millalaa to participate in Creative Enterpreneurship for a Competitive Economy Conferecence. We come from Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. Here are some notes, links, thoughts and tweets that that I want to remember and share about the confence. We had a great time, so thanks to everyone for making it happen.

  2. Conference's homepage. Here you can find all the participants and the materials.
  3. The final tweet after three great days and two evenings.
  4. My creativevestonia tag. All the links I saved through the conference.
  5. Some link highlights

    Websites that the speakers mentioned or that otherwise came up.

  6. Conference's Facebook page
  7. Photographer Olev
  8. Photo Gallery by Olev. Very nice conference photos.
  9. More links to different resources...
  10. Tom was the moderator, great guy.
  11. Interesting views on how university can  connect with the outside world.
  12. Some tweets and other stuff