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How should a science schema look like?

We had a breakout session at the Science Online London 2011 on September 2 with the question "Can we develop something like to encourage data sharing and reuse?". This story combines the preparation of the session, the presentation given at the session and the results. Follow @LinkedScience on Twitter to hear how the results get implemented and published as a science schema.


  1. We sent a few messages to announce the breakout session on developing a science schema, and to send a link to the Linked Science Vocabulary.

  2. At the session we gave a presentation with a title "How should a science schema look like", then divided the audience (45 people or so) to four groups. Each group worked on separate pads to create ideas for a science schema.

  3. As starting points we mentioned and Linked Science Vocabulary. 
  4. In the presentation we also gave some links to our recently started projects, e.g. to LODUM (Linked Open Data University of Muenster).

  5. As a result of our session we had four pads full of classes, properties and ideas for a science schema!  

  6. Please contact us if you would like to contribute to the actual implementation of the schema, or to test and use the schema in real use cases.
  7. Follow @LinkedScience on Twitter to hear how the results gets implemented and published as a science schema as extensions to the Linked Science Vocabulary and