The Women of Gluecon 2013 (and the Men Who Supported Them)

It's no secret: tech conferences are not where the women hang out. For those of us who do go to them, we find ourselves scouring the crowds and counting heads as we sit in darkened session rooms. While we don't have to wait in line at the ladies' room, it's small compensation for isolation.


  1. If you haven't been to Gluecon, you should save up your pennies or your boss' good favor and make sure you get a ticket to the next one. This was my first but it won't be my last. It was inspiring, informative, welcoming, fun and cool. It was also predominantly male (no surprise). Full Contact very nicely put together a full list of all the attendees at the conference for us, which gives an easy view of the stats: out of the 458 registered attendees, 39 were women. That's 8.5%. Oh my, ladies. :-(
  2. Lucky for us, one of those women was Mary Thengvall, a Community Manager for Velocity conferences. Mary's a natural organizer and has an instinct to bring people together. 
  3. So naturally, @mary_grace decided to bring us together. Now I'm not much of a women's group fan, mostly because I would rather see us be part of the mainstream than an auxiliary group. But I admired the enthusiasm of the small group of women at this conference and decided to go with the flow. And I'm glad I did.
  4. I was pleasantly surprised to find as many women at breakfast as I did. While we only numbered 11 at final count, that is still more than 1/4 of the women attendees. And while it was a small number, by the time we left breakfast and went to Day 2, it felt like an army. We were no longer anonymous and as a result, it seemed like I saw those women everywhere - in Twitter, in the sessions, at lunch... and more importantly on stage! I'd like to think that some of the noise we made had a positive impression on the men in the conference as well (who were warm, intelligent, welcoming and enlightened individuals btw).
  5. Like Christine Yen (@cyen):
  6. And Michelle Wetzler (@michellewetzler):
  7. Another tech conference in the bag, but one I will always remember - this time not because of the lack of women, but because of the power of the women who were there.