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@WomenInLine Mentors on stage at #CAST2013

  1. When we first started @WomenInLine, Betty Zakheim and I were not focusing on any particular sector of the technology world. We had noticed the dearth of women building their network at various conferences and wanted to do something about it. We just started a conversation and welcomed anyone who wanted to join. In the process of just letting the word spread organically, it turned out we hit some kind of note in the software testing world and so we have some strong friends in that neck of the woods. 

    When we announced the mentor program to help aspiring women speakers, the first hands to be raised were some of our supporters in software testing. So it was particularly fun to watch the online conversations about CAST2013, the annual conference for the Association for Software Testing, because several of our mentors took the stage there and showed exactly why they are the leading voices in that industry today. 
  2. One thing that was particularly gratifying was to see how many women speakers there were and the encouragement they got from both men and women. This is what we need more of - hands reaching down from the stage to pull more people up on to it. So let's see what some of the @WomenInLine mentors were up to at this conference.
  3. Jean Ann Harrison (@JA_Harrison)

  4. Jean Ann has been in the Software Testing and Quality Assurance field for over 13 years including 5 years working within a Regulatory Environment. Her niche is system integration testing, specifically on mobile medical devices. Jean Ann has worked in multi-tiered system environments involving client/server, web application, and standalone software applications. Maintaining an active presence in the software testing community, Jean Ann has gained inspiration from many authors and practitioners. She continues to combine her practical experiences with interacting on software quality and testing forums, and attending training classes and conferences.
  5. So far more women jumping up & doing #LighteningTalks at #CAST2013 than men... interesting dynamic to me. Great to see women contributing!
  6. @ja_harrison loves to talk but also listen to others and engage with them. Presenting as means to give back, learn from audience #CAST2013
  7. Learning from a mentor-mentee relationship happens on both sides @ja_harrison #CAST2013
  8. Oh, yeah, Amen to that last point, Jean Ann! :-)
  9. Anne-Marie Charrett (@charrett)

  10. Anne-Marie Charrett  offers software testing services through her company, Testing Times. She setup Testing Times in 1998 to meet the needs of companies looking for consulting and training in the field of software testing. An electronic engineer by trade, software testing chose her when she started conformance testing against European standards. She was hooked and has been testing since then.

  11. First, kudos to Anne-Marie for her encouragement to so many of the women at this conference, as evidenced by a multitude of shout-outs in the Twitterverse:
  12. #CAST2013 takeaways: @charrett leadership is being effective & assertive; Aussie women speakers in #LightningTalks
  13. There's probably so many antipodean women talking directly because of you @charrett fantastic.
  14. Thanking @charrett for her support (and practically dragging me) to the #LightningTalks #CAST2013! I'm so glad I did it :-D
  15. And female :) RT @awghodder: Wow so far all lightning talks are Australasian! #CAST2013
  16. But then, of course, she also added her expertise with her own workshop at the conference:
  17. Really enjoy the skype role playing of coach and tester and learning some great skills! @charrett #CAST2013 #TestCoaching
  18. At @charrett ‘s awesome tutorial on Coaching Testers - we are now getting some practice on Skype coaching - challenged :) #CAST2013
  19. Long day, but fun. "Coaching Testers" w @charrett was awesome! Ahh,, but the day's not over yet ;). #CAST2013
  20. Keith Klain (@KeithKlain)

  21. Keith is currently the Head of Global Test Center at Barclays, but he also has nearly 20 years of international experience in software testing. He speak regularly at conferences and is a very active participant and voice in the testing industry. He's also a very vocal advocate of Per Scholas and shared his passion at CAST2013.
  22. . @PaulHolland_TWN and @KeithKlain owns the stage at #cast2013 , great job guys and a great training initiative!
  23. Julie Hurst (@joolery)

  24. With nearly 10 years of experience as a tester, Julie's focus in the testing community is to encourage our younger generation to get involved. As Gen Y herself, she feels she can relate to them easier than some others can and has been mentoring junior testers for a few years now. Julie is also a passionate and outspoken voice in the testing industry.
  25. Tale of the 1st time speaker at a #testing conference can lead to a job oppty  #LighteningTalk. @joolery. Great job!
    Tale of the 1st time speaker at a #testing conference can lead to a job oppty #LighteningTalk. @joolery. Great job!
  26. @joolery @testchick and @JesseTAlford all just rocked the lightning talks. The future of testing is looking pretty good to me #cast2013
  27. Love that the best of the lightning talks are all newbie speakers!! #CAST2013
  28. And what about our mentees? Yes, we are so happy to say that Anna Royzman (@QA_nna) not only took the stage but rocked the Twitterverse with her talk.

  29. The first thing any self-organizing team does is throw out any process safeguards they used to have in place. @QA_nna #CAST2013
  30. .@QA_nna provides quote "Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad" #CAST2013