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Pensacon As Told By Attendees

As Pensacon drew thousands downtown we compiled some of what they shared from the weekend.


  1. As fans started to trickle into Pensacola and pick up their passes they started to share their excitement on social media.
  2. Pensacon organizers said the majority of responses they heard echoed those shared below.
  3. Our own Bob Barrett was sharing his tweets from Gallery Night!
  4. Ladies from "Heroes of Cosplay" share during a panel discussion.
  5. Locals enjoy the themed parties downtown.
  6. On Saturday the crowd exceeded expectations. Extra registration points were added and the Pensacola Bay Center floor reached capacity several times.
  7. Organizers said despite the lines people were still having fun meeting other fans and enjoying the nice weather.
  8. Fans interacted with guests in.... creative ways.
  9. One couple even got married- Star Wars style.
  10. WUWF reporter Bob Barret met an old friend.