SEO and Audience Insight

In today’s world, it is much more about the journey to the purchase when it comes to learning trends. We have the capability now to determine this journey through analytic software.


  1. This concept is very important because it gives a much broader understanding of your customers. When you just look at your site, you only get a glimpse of what is going on in the consumer’s journey to purchase your product; but, if you can glean information from other sites, you can start making connections for the path that the customer took to purchase your product.
  2. Study Your Audience
  3. Purchasing third party information is becoming a much bigger trend in marketing and business analytics. However, there is much room for improvement to take this data and change and improve digital marketing channels. Most people who are starting to do this are making it work for them. The biggest unreached potential is learning to take audience enrichment data and learn the intent of the user when they use a search engine.
  4. Google and other search engines are becoming much better at learning the intent of the search compared to just using the keywords for the search. Now we need to do the same to study the patterns of our customers and potential customers. When we can learn how to make these connections, we can determine who our customers will likely be in organic searches. So we need to close this gap and learn how to work in an audience-driven strategy.
  5. Learn
  6. You must learn and study your audience and understand what drives them. Up to a few years ago it was very difficult to make connections from individual users and the different, specific channels that brought them to a purchase decision. Now, not only can we view online channels, but we can access data to determine other channels and exposure to your business through different marketing media.

  7. Once you can make the connections you need with different analyzing programs, you can walk backwards from the purchase to determine the journey what really impacted the customer to purchase your product. This can help in determining what is important to the user (i.e. price vs. ease of use vs. brand name products).
  8. When you have this information, you can tweak and adjust your site to cater to your consistent customers and make it an overall better experience so they will keep coming back to purchase from your site. This will also help others who are like-minded to find and use your business as well. Make sure you are also making your site compatible with mobile devices since this is a new, huge area. Facebook earned about 82% of its revenue from ads through mobile devices. Do not lose out on this marketing channel.
  9. Conclusion

    So, words of encouragement: this can be done, and if you and your business work on this area of audience insight, you will continue to rise to the top. Keep connecting and making better experiences for your customers.