Great White Visits Jersey Shore

Not too far from Seton Hall University, Mary Lee makes appearance


  1. Thursday morning a female Great White shark, Mary Lee, as she was named since a tag was put on her, was spotted near Wildwood and Cape May, N.j.
  2. Mary Lee, nearly 16 feet long and 3,456 pounds, was spotted around 6 a.m. by the nonprofit OCEARCH, which was the same organization who tagged her. By Friday she had went further north, near Long Beach Island.
  3. Great White Sharks In The Waters Off The Jersey Shore: Have You Seen One?
  4. Many Seton Hall students are located near these waters, and the University itself is not too far off.
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  6. It seems Mary Lee has been all over the place. She traveled to Cape Cod and south of Beach Haven.
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  8. Some people tweeting fearful thoughts of being Mary Lee's snack.
  9. Others think the siting is "totally cool."
  10. Great Whites actually have not attacked too many people in the past 100 years, according to National Geographic.
  11. The Washington Post also tweeted out a story about the facts of Great White sharks and how activists are trying to humanize Mary Lee.
  12. The Post wrote in the article about Mary Lee that twitter accounts are trying to make Great Whites seem less scary in an effort to bring awareness to the importance of these magnificent and endangered creatures. Twitter account, @greatwhite, also tries doing this with funny and informative tweets.