Sufficing the needs of children is hard especially these days, but Top Race can easily do it with its great range of products. Now buy the best quality and unique remote control gadgets from them to bring a smile on your child’s face.


  1. Most famous and most popular gifts that kids of all ages really like is a remote control gadget. This is a real-time spending item a child can have. Even the grownups also turn to the remote control gadgets provided by the Top Race, as it is great to enhance their creativity as well as their imagination and problems-solving skills. For the young, remote control cars provide a host of developmental benefits mainly in the terms of children’s psychomotor and cognitive development.
  2. Since the beginning, Top Race has been dedicated to providing well designed top quality RC models from quads, planes, UFOs, helicopters and vehicles to accessories, parts, and tools. The agency employs its own team of designers and developers who manufacture the most unique, innovative and exciting RC toys with all the care, duty and precision. This is the reason parents flock to the gadget section and grab the best for their kids.
  3. The agency has become an internationally renowned name due to its quality of the products and the special care provided by the customer care service. RC gadget is the best gift you can offer to your child, whether your child is celebrating their birthday or looking forward to a Christmas gift. This agency offers you a plethora of gift ideas for your kids, it has a great range of remote control products and several of them would make real fun for kids. Even if your child is a novice and hasn't used an RC product before, you will find these toys to be easy to use and tons of fun as they stand on the top of the queue due to their quality and reliability in the market.
  4. But how do you choose the best? Allow us to help
  5. Remote Control Dump Truck is one for the adventurous kinds. It is a strong, full channel functional dump truck with light and sounds. Dump Truck is made out of high-quality material and can be comfortably used indoor and for outdoor purpose. The Truck works with the optimal frequency so that you can play with several trucks at the same time without radio control interference. This is designed to give you hours of fun.
  6. Electric RC Remote Control Construction Tractor, made out of high-quality material and is apt for indoor or outdoor use like a sandbox, small stones etc. Some of its unique functionality include Forward, Backward, Left, right, Arm Up and Down, Lights, and sound. No assemble is required in RC Front Loader Remote Control Tractor and it is Ready-to-Run. The tractor works with a wireless remote and a lipo Rechargeable Battery. All the parts of this radio controlled tractor including the level is completely controlled by a quality transmitter. Make your own backyard into your very own construction Site! Enjoy
  7. Yellow RC Fully Functional Dump Truck is a unique toy. This truck is made out of high-end material with a detailed replica of a real Dump Truck with real-time lights and sounds. It will not only work indoor but a good choice for outdoor space also. The Top Race Dump Truck will give you hours of fun and excitement. It moves forward and backward while giving you the capability of opening and closing the door with the remote easily. Since these RC Dump Truck toys have functionality like the actual Dump Truck in action, it makes them amazing and fun for kids of all ages.
  8. Time to make your own backyard into very own Construction Site.
  9. These are few items which are on the top list, but there are again a plethora of gift products offered by them which cuts the limitation while choosing. If you are looking for a unique RC toy with unbeatable quality, you are just a click away. Contact Top Race and serve your needs today.
  10. So, what are you waiting for? Place your order today and surprise your child with these amazing toys.