A Comprehensive Guide to help you Buying Headlight Bulbs

Imagine a situation- You are driving in a dark evening without any kind of street lights. The visibility is absolutely negligible because those headlights of yours are asking for a replacement.


  1. The above-stated condition is quite a dangerous one, which may lead to severe accidents. In such a case, you need to find an organization that would offer headlight bulbs of optimal quality and that too at an affordable price. However, before doing so, you need to have a clear comprehension on the types of headlight bulbs that are readily available in the market, each having a gamut of benefits. Let us take a close look at them as they are mentioned below in brief.
  2. Types of Headlight Bulbs

  3. • One of the most common one would be headlight halogen bulbs. Halogen is the simplest solution, which is found in every household. The filament is placed inside a glass case; it burns due to the vacuum created, which in turn generates light. The primary reason for the impeccable popularity of these bulbs is that they do not need much maintenance and is found at a low cost.
  4. Benefits of Halogen are as follows:
  5.  Lasts for prolonged periods.
     It is bright than most of the standard bulbs.
     It emits white light, which is safe for use.
  6. • The next would be HID (‘High Intensity Discharge’) or Xenon bulbs. It was innovated during the 1990s and is extensively used as the headlight of Mercedes, Audi and BMW. HID do not have any filament. They actually generate light when the xenon gas is burnt inside a glass case. The main reason for using this is that HIDs use less wattage.
  7. Benefits of HID are as follows:
  8.  HID headlights are noted for providing amazing visibility. It produces exceptionally bright yet natural lights.
     The energy consumption is absolutely low.
     They are known for being available in attractive styles.
  9. • The latest innovation is LED (‘Light Emitting Diodes’) headlight bulbs. Although the material was innovated during 1900s, no one ever thought of using this particular technology as a manner of illuminating the roads. It is especially from the year 2000 that LEDs managed to acquire widespread popularity and used in various applications including car headlights. A fascinating fact about these bulbs is that they do not require any kind of ballast or special wiring. They are extremely durable but found at a high price.
  10. Benefits of LED are as follows:
  11.  Highly energy-efficient.
     Has a long life.
     Clean and Ecologically-friendly option.
    Now that we know the types of bulb that are available, let us explore certain things that you need to keep in mind before buying and using them.
  12. Things to Remember before buying a Headlight Bulb

  13. • Well, it is up to you, which kind of bulb would you like to buy but remember that every type needs electricity in order to be maneuvered. A higher watt bulb would emit light of high intensity.

    • Kelvin Rating is the unit for determining the color emitted by a bulb. Although most of us do not tend to give it much significance, remember that it is a chief factor in terms of safety and legal issues.
  14. The various ranges are as follows:
     2500K-3500K would emit yellow light.
     3800K-4000K would emit white light.
     6000K-10000K would emit blue light.
     10000K-12000K would emit purple light.
  15. So, these are the two important aspects that you must consider while buying a headlight bulb for your car.
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