Reaction to Fannie, Freddie downgrade

Standard & Poor's has downgraded the credit rating of the two mortgage giants because of their reliance on federal support. Here's what people are saying.


  1. I first learned about the S&P's move to downgrade Fannie and Freddie through market publication Business Insider.
  2. The reaction to the downgrade was immediate. The Dow fell 300-plus points in morning trading. And the Twitter stream blew up, with folks speculating on what this will mean for those in the housing market.

  3. From the real estate agents.

  4. To the consumer.
  5. After Standard & Poor's decision to downgrade the country's credit rating, the public has taken steps to know more about the country's finances.

  6. Wondering what the impact of Monday's downgrade will mean for the San Diego real estate market? The Union-Tribune spoke to local insiders to get their take on the S&P's latest decision.