Photos of the San Diego outage

Even without power, folks around the county found ways to snap and upload photos of candlelit dinners, impromptu family gatherings and beautiful night landscapes. Here are images found through Twitter, Facebook and other social networks.


  1. Here's a stunning photo taken the night of the Sept. 8 outage by Union-Tribune photographer K.C. Alfred.

  2. But I wondered how were other people seeing the outage that night? We scoured the Web for those images.
  3. Landscape views.

  4. Startrails in the City - Blackout in San Diego
    Startrails in the City - Blackout in San Diego
  5. Firelit views.

  6. How Jed Sundwall, of Pacific Beach, spent his night, during the outage.
  7. Neighborhood view.
  8. Coronado Orange Ave
    Coronado Orange Ave
  9. Drinks view.
  10. That's the line at line at Chip's Liquor in Pacific Beach. Submitted by Jed Sundwall.
  11. Bonding view.
  12. Want to see more photos taken by U-T photographers?