Blackout throughout San Diego County

Power outages began to affect several parts of the local region at about 3:40 p.m., including The San Diego Union-Tribune offices in Mission Valley. Here's how it unraveled, according to the social networks.


  1. The Union-Tribune posted this story during the outage from U-T editor Tom Mallory's netbook. It appears the areas affected are vast, from Southern California to Phoenix to Mexico.

  2. Local utility company SDGE is looking into the cause and released this statement.

  3. The scope of the outage appears to be affecting tens of thousands of people, according to APS, a utility company in Arizona.
  4. Officials in Arizona and California are advising safety first.
  5. SDG&E discussed with media on the possible cause of the outage, which has hita large swath of the West.

  6. So what happened?
  7. So what's the status with travel: flights, public transit and roads?

  8. San Diego power outage blackout sept 9 2011
  9. Power outage means traffic everywhere.
    Power outage means traffic everywhere.