A first-timer's look at San Diego Comic-Con

Union-Tribune reporter Lily Leung will roam the halls of the San Diego Convention Center from Thursday to Saturday and document the different subcultures that make Comic-Con what it is, from cos-players to the vamp-obsessed. She'll also record random convention musings along the way.


  1. Hi, I'm Lily. I'm normally writing about real estate, but for the next few days, I'm among the Comic-Con roamers for the paper. Here's me, as a superhero and my ongoing account of this week's convention.

  2. Convention officials estimate more than 130,000 people are expected to show up during the event's five frenzied days. What will that look like? Here's how U-T editorial cartoonist Steve Breen pictures the beast-of-an-event.

  3. Eek.

  4. How will I survive this experience? I wasn't sure, so naturally I turned to my Twitter friends, who comprise U-T co-workers, long-distance pals, a former roommate and many, many strangers.

  5. And naturally people responded to my call for help, with lots of light-hearted replies mixed with practical advice.

  6. Then came some Mom-and-Dad-like words of wisdom.
  7. There was even discussion of Comic-Con etiquette.
  8. Sharing?
  9. My big takeaways? Be as comfortable as possible in clothes and gear. Also, preparation is key when tackling a behemoth like Comic-Con. Here are more tips from Karla Peterson, a U-T columnist.

  10. Stick with me throughout the next few days, and I'll gather more and try to make sense of everything. If I'm missing something shoot me a note at twitter.com/LilyShumLeung.