Sally Maan & Timothy Bouldry

The work of photographers who inspire me.


  1.                                                            Sally Maan

    Sally Maan has been a photographer in the American South since the 1970's. She produces series on portraiture, architecture, landscape and still life. Sally is best known for her expressive and profound landscape work in the American South and for her intimate portraits of her family, her young children and her husband. 
  2. "Most of the pictures I take are of the things I love, the things that fascinate and compel me. But that doesn't mean they are easy to look at or take." 

    - Sally Maan 

  3. Sally's 'Upon Reflection'  series (2006) is an example that exhibits her statement above. After an accident on a horse, Sally was bedridden and unable to take photos - however was keen to create new work. This let to the creation of her "self-portraits" (of the artists face) and "omphalos" (figure studies of the torso). The images are glass-plate ambrotype positives straight from the camera made with the wet-collodion process. This chosen process gives a haunted element due to its imperfections. 

    These imperfections is the reason I am interested in Sally's work. There is intentional scratching of the glass plates themselves, swirls and incomplete developments and frayed chemical edges. Maan's work is focused around this filtering and the ways in which her subjects take on a new meaning when viewed through her intentionally old-fashioned style. 
  4.                                                     Timothy Bouldry

  5. Man on the left refills crack pipe while man on right smokes a cigerette as they wait for recyclables to arrive.  Barranquilla, Colombia 2014
  6. "After photographing landfills for years, I believe I understand now why the importance of photographing is dear to me. It is my repeated mantra. Someone, somewhere can view it and it will create meaning and awareness of the topic. With this subject matter so worthy to be known by everyone, I know that it can grow in good harmony and karma. I am so grateful to have found this and anxious to expand it's story for change." 

    -Timothy Bouldry 

    Timothy Bouldry has been photographing landfill activity for five years. His photographs have also been on an international tour to spread awareness on the topic of children in distress. 

    I came across Timothy's work when looking through my University Journalism degree database. I think the main reason it seemed to connect with me was because it reminded me a lot of the images I took when I was overseas in India last year. 

  7. I find Timothy's images inspirational. These images have an element of innocence and beauty within the distress, dirt or trash. He is able to capture the lives of the people within the image. 

    "I bought everyone water and photographed them sorting through trash. Alex swiftly kept the tour moving as eyes and grins were directed at my camera. He showed me a filthy canal that runs next to the market that may potentially have a connection to the local private landfill one block away. It was my suspicion that this canal probably has leachate, even if it didn’t, it was clearly polluted. " 

    Timothy is also making this photography journey into a charity project. This is another element in his work that strikes something within me. In January 2015 he is relocating to Nicaragua to develop a wastewater clean-up project, volunteer for healthcare, and teach English/Yoga. All for the local community that had been living from a landfill called La Chureca.

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