24 Hours in Complexo do Alemão - 'Pacification' Begins

This is a collection of tweets from the day this Spring when Rio de Janeiro's government installed a U.P.P. in Complexo do Alemão, a collection of favelas in northern Rio. U.P.P.s are community policing units that flood neighborhoods with cops in order to take back control from drug traffickers.


  1. TRANSLATION: "The army is going to start leaving and BOPE (the Brazilian military's special forces unit) is going to come in... while the U.P.P.s are still not ready!" - Rene Silva Santos, resident and blogger
  2. TRANSLATION: "BOPE enters into Fazendinha, Inhauma" - BOPE (Brazilian military special forces)

  3. TRANSLATION: "BOPE begins to replace the military in the Complexo do Alemão" - BOPE (Brazilian military special forces). NOTE: The military had occupied the area for over a year before the U.P.P. was installed.

  4. TRANSLATION: "Several schools in the area of the Complexo do Alemão have let their students go home today because of the tense climate in the community..." - Voz da Comunidade (group of community activists)

  5. TRANSLATION: "BOPE arrests a wanted man on the run from justice in the community of Nova Brasília" - BOPE (Brazilian military special forces)

  6. TRANSLATION: "Police from BOPE arrive in the Complexo do Alemão to replace the soldiers from the Army." - Voz da Comunidade (group of community activists)

  7. TRANSLATION: "Some helicopters are flying over the favela; police are reinforced at the access points; everyone is subject to frisking" - Descolando Idelas (NGO)

  8. "Helicopter is passing by here down low near Complexo do Alemão!" - Resident

  9. "BOPE apprehends drugs in the community of Nova Brasília -- cocaine, marijuana, hashish, and crack" - BOPE (Brazilian military special forces)

  10. TRANSLATION: "Beltrame (Rio's Secuirty Minister) says the pacification of Alemão will be finished by June 27" - Jornal O Globo (major Brazilian newspaper)

  11. TRANSLATION: "Having the army troops there gave us time to train new policemen who are going to make up the force in the UPP Alemão" - Sérgio Cabral, Governor of Rio state