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Woman comments on man's looks. Man FREAKS OUT.

ChartGirl vs. Politico's Ben White.


  1. (Just for some context, a week or two ago I tweeted that Business Insider should have included Politico's Ben White in some silly handsome financial reporters list. That tweet, which Ben retweeted,  and which he seemed to like, is below.)
  2. On Friday (I think it was Friday), Ben White changed his Twitter profile photo to a new photo, which showed him kind of smirking (or something). And this new profile photo just wasn't good compared to Ben's old photo. So it seemed right and fair and appropriate for me to comment on this new (lesser) profile photo. And so, unaware of the HELL that would rain down upon me, I wrote this shameful terrible tweet: 
  3. Here's the profile photo I said was "meh": 
  4. And then, seemingly out of nowhere, this happened. 
  5. This was the point where Ben actually changed his photo back to his old (and better!) profile photo. 
  6. This was my response to Ben going back to his old (better!) profile photo.