Lilith reads #SB5, Texas omnibus anti-abortion bill

The Texas Legislature has decided to include abortion in its special session. SB 5 would close all but 5 clinics in our 268,000 square-mile state, regulate medication abortion (the abortion pill) almost out of existence, and ban abortions after 20 weeks, hurting lower-income women in particular.

  1. Text for Hegar's all-in-one TX special session abortion-restrictive bill published, SB 5 is 19 pgs: txlege
  2. Join us as we livetweet a first reading of #txleg special session anti-abortion onmibus bill SB 5, starting... NOW
  3. First page of #SB5 states that abortion after 20 weeks should be banned because of medical evidence of fetal pain
  4. p.2 of #SB5 states wmn have "adequate time 2 decide whether 2 have an abortion in the 1st 20 wks." debatable. & does she have the $ by then?
  5. P. 2 of #SB5 moves on to cover the requirements of the physician providing an abortion, and what constitutes an offense
  6. Abortion doctors must have admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles which provides OBGYN services AND.... #SB5
  7. Abortion doctors must be accessible to clients 24 hours a day in case complications arise or assistance is needed #SB5
  8. Abortion post 20 wks is OK if an anomaly "will result in the death of the infant not later than minutes to hours after birth" #SB5 #txleg
  9. #SB5 page 7 is a long disclaimer pre-emptively stating that the Texas Supreme Court will challenge Federal challenges to the bill #txleg
  10. Page 10 of #SB5 requires M.D. administration of abortion pills (not required before and not necessary) & adherence to FDA rules (impossible)
  11. Edit to previous tweet. It's possible to use mifepristone & misoprostol w/in FDA guidelines for abortion. The doses are just obscenely high.
  12. #SB5 requires an in-person exam by physician before giving the abortion pill - which can safely be given via telemedicine #txleg
  13. On p. 11, #SB5 requires a follow-up visit in person 14 days post abortion pill. Again, medication abortion CAN be done with telemedicine.
  14. On p. 12, #SB5 requires that all clinics must meet the standards required of ambulatory surgical centers. Right now that's 5 Texas clinics.
  15. And more disclaimers and enforcement details on pp. 16-19 #SB5
  16. To summarize #SB5 closes all but 5 Texas clinics, regulates medication abortion out of existence and bans abortion post 20 weeks so hurry up
  17. And also become financially stable, able to travel and put up with immense BS, anyone who may need an abortion #SB5 #txleg #back2backalleys
  18. OH, and we failed to mention the worst part. This will all pass in the #txleg bc the special session has no 2/3 rule. #SB5 #back2backalleys
  19. 15 days till the end of the special session. Rouse some rabble, y'all. #txleg #SB5 #reprojustice #notgoingback