Why Tobacco is dangerous for oral health


  1. Talk to any Eugene dentist, and they will tell you that tobacco use causes some serious health risks for yourself, not just for the teeth, but for the body as well. It’s old news on the body, and it can cause serious health risks to not only you, but those around you, and it does relate to the oral health issues that are going on. It causes a major amount of problems including oral cancer of the lips, mouth, tongue, and even the throat, along with the fact that this can also cause lung cancer as well. Any tobacco use actually does cause tooth loss to some degree, and it can stain your teeth to the point where you can’t reverse the effects of this. The ACA has also brought forward that about 90% of those that are diagnosed with oral cancer have used tobacco at some point of their life, and if you’ve used it in any form at any time, you’re actually six times more likely to get oral cancer. Pretty scary, right? Well, it doesn’t stop there. The great the amount used, the greater the danger.
  2. Don’t think that it’s just smoking either. If you chew tobacco or use a pipe, you are still putting your teeth and gums at a major health risk, and not only that, you’re merely putting your entire body at risk too.
  3. There are more effects that should be discussed as well, since there are ultimately other problems that people refuse to actually take care of, and it is important to understand that all of these can affect you.
  4. The first and most visible one is discolored teeth. This is the first and most obvious effect of using tobacco in any form. This can be slight yellowing, to severe yellowing and even other types of discoloration on the teeth. Depending on how much you’ve used it, you might be subjecting yourself to discolored teeth that aren’t reversible.
  5. Gum disease, and periodontitis, are both conditions that aren’t good, and they’re running rampant in society today. However, did you know that if you smoke and chew tobacco, you’re four times more likely to get this? That’s right, you’re subjecting yourself to this condition that causes a lot of other problems, and it’s super expensive too. Why would you try to push this habit onto yourself with the fact that your life could be in danger because of it. along with this, because of periodontitis oftentimes, you do suffer from tooth loss. Those that smoke are twice as likely to suffer from this than compared to those that don’t smoke. Simple as that. You will lose teeth if you continue the habit and don’t see the dentist.
  6. Plus, it affects how your breath smells. If you smoke and chew tobacco, you’re drying out the mouth. Drying out the mouth causes the bacteria in there to fester, and they will then cause bad and smelly breath. This could be a temporary thing, or it could be a permanent thing, depending on how your life is, and how things are. You should try to make sure that you do watch out for this, since smoker’s breath is a common factor when it comes to smoking.
  7. And finally, it delays healing. If you get a tooth pulled, and then you smoke, you tend to create something called a dry socket, because of the action that you’re doing. Smoking causes poor healing after any tooth extraction, and if you do smoke, it’s best to kick the habit before you do it any more, especially if you’re going in for dental work.
  8. For many that do smoke, you should watch for this. It’s important to recognize the reasons why you’re smoking, and start to quit. There are many oral health risks, and main body risks, so you should talk to your Eugene dentist if you’re struggling with quitting. Stop today for a brighter tomorrow, since often, this can cause many problems down the road. While it might be a temporary thing, smoking can have lasting complications on the body, even into your later years, so it’s best not to do this to yourself.