Lice Removal and Head Lice Treatment South Jersey

At Lice Happens, (4 Doncaster Rd, Cherry Hill, NJ 08003 (856) 562-2212) a mobile lice removal service in South Jersey, all of our highly trained specialists are subject matter experts when it comes to head lice removal and treatment.


  1. Lice Happens is a professional mobile, family friendly, private lice removal service that helps families find peace of mind in South Jersey, Jersey Shore, Cherry Hill, and Moorestown. Local woman, Emily Betterly, started Lice Happens South Jersey six years ago and has “enjoyed building a great team of lice specialists that are out in the field everyday educating families to be lice experts!”

    One of the things that Betterly and her team educate families on is the toxicity and ineffectiveness of over-the-counter lice treatments. Head lice are becoming resistant to the harsh chemicals that are found in these medications. Lice Happens uses only non-toxic, naturally derived, pesticide free, environmentally friendly, and effective lice removal therapies for their clients. Their treatments are safe and effective.

    When a Specialist arrives at a home he or she will be on time and in an logo-free vehicle. All services are confidential. The Specialist will check each member of the family and treat those affected by lice. Once treatment is applied to the scalp, the Specialist will meticulously fine comb the hair to remove eggs (nits) and lice from the hair. Once removed from the host, lice cannot live long, especially when treated with this company’s natural therapies.

    In addition to treating those suffering, the Specialist will take the time and effort to coach on proper cleaning techniques as well as myths associated with the cleanliness of a home and head lice. Specialists with this company also provide tips on how to prevent future outbreaks from occurring.

    “Our specialists also understand that head lice is always an unexpected expense (which usually comes at the most inopportune time!) and will not take advantage of your wallet nor your frazzled state-of-mind!” says Lice Happens.

    This company offers services 7 days a week and they are available for emergency lice removal services as well. To learn more about Lice Happens and the services they provide, visit their website at or their Google+ page at 

    About: Lice Happens is a mobile lice removal family service center located in South New Jersey, serving South Jersey, Jersey Shore, Cherry Hill, and Moorestown.
    Address: 4 Doncaster Rd, Cherry Hill, NJ 08003
    Phone: (610) 952-3691
    Contact: Emily Betterly
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