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ALA "Future of Libraries" quasi-con 2012 Morning Unconference

This is a storify highlighting the student-led library-focused event January 21 at the University of Michigan North Quad. Specifically I am highlighting the tweets and flickr images from the morning sessions.


  1. We started the morning by breaking the group into six smaller groups based on numbers on their nametags. These groups met for 30 minutes to brainstorm what they wanted the morning discussions to be about.
  2. Hashtag tweets flew across the room as people discussed what they felt was most relevant to the library world today.
  3. small group discussion
    small group discussion
  4. Some groups used sticky notes given to organize. Others employed the dry eraser board tables to discuss what was most important to them.
  5. ryan recording topic ideas for the unconference portion
    ryan recording topic ideas for the unconference portion
  6. At the end of the 30 minutes, the group came back together and shared their top choices.
  7. Based on this discussion, we made a collaborative conference morning schedule. There were eight slots in all for the morning.
  8. The full schedule is available here:
  9. The groups were dynamic and self-selected, putting librarians, user experience designers, archivists, administrators, students and community members in the room together discussing topics most relevant to them.
  10. Another very popular session:
    Sexy technology vs. library culture + Modernism and post-modernism in libraries
  11. sarah cracking a smile
    sarah cracking a smile