PRSSA National Conference 2012

I live-tweeted Saturday's PRSSA National Conference, which ran from Friday to Tuesday (Nov 12-16). Originally I had planned to tweet one panel, but felt I would have more to say over the whole day than just an hour. I may have been carried away.


  1. I'm standing in the back of the room (but in the middle) with Pacific PRSSA president, Cortney Ceccato in this picture. Each PRSSA chapter was sitting together, so it was difficult for us to find two empty seats next to each other at the beginning. This picture doesn't show the whole crowd. Imagine double the size you see now.
  2. This is when I thought I'd just tweet one panel, but I changed my mind and tweeted the whole event.
  3. I really wanted to tweet more of Timothy Jordan's speech, but it's difficult to listen and tweet at the same time, even a paraphrase. I had to make the choice of being an attendee listening to a speech or a PR practitioner who zones in on a few things. I wanted to listen.
  4. I thought this line was funny. Timothy Jordan explains how rapid technology is developing.
  5. Each chapter had a chant or song prepared when their school name was announced. It was a very energizing experience. I wished more of Pacific's PRSSA members could have attended to show our chapter spirit.
  6. There are three panels coinciding every hour. There were three hours worth of panels on Saturday. The IMC and PR professional panel is the first one I attended.
  7. I didn't notice I had a typo until hours later. That was one of my main problems when live-tweeting. I had to be able to hear everything that was said, write everything down on my phone before I missed the rest of the speech, and do a quick grammar check. In the end, I'll still make a mistake trying to get everything down.
  8. I got tweeted by Ricky Bravo (@rickybravo_) for this above tweet. He was an attendee at PRSSA too and followed me after this RT. I wish I tweeted him directly to get a conversation going. Maybe I could have said hello in person too.