How Should Journalists Use Social Media? @NickKristof's Fans' Advice

The New York Times's Nick Kristof queried his followers on Facebook and Twitter about what they want to see from the journalists they follow on social media. Here are some of the best responses.


  1. Columnist Nick Kristof and reporter Brian Stelter, two of The New York Times's leaders on social media, spoke to colleagues in the newsroom this afternoon about how they've made Twitter and Facebook a part of their daily reporting rhythm. 

    It was a lively discussion that touched on the value of interacting with sources and followers, pulling back the curtain on reporting-in-progress and how to incorporate social media into the news-gathering process -- all things my fellow social media editors and I increasingly encourage our journalists to do. About an hour before the talk, Nick demonstrated one way he chooses to engage with his 1 million-plus Twitter followers: He asked their advice.

  2. The responses poured in, offering all journalists a window into what followers are seeking from us on social media (most of which are things we think Nick and Brian already do well). Here is a selection of the most interesting feedback, from the practical to the philosophical.

  3. Nick asked the same question on Facebook, which often nets him more reaction than Twitter does, he told us at the newsroom panel. As of this writing 375 people have responded. Click through to Facebook to read their advice.