DC ChangemakerEd Summit

Ashoka teamed up with the Center for Inspired Teaching and D.C. Public Schools to transform the city into a #ChangemakerEd hub with empathy, collaboration, leadership, and innovation.


  1. On November 4th, 2017, Ashoka, the D.C. Change Leaders Collaborative, the Center for Inspired Teaching, and a number of local schools and partners convened over 120 builders and the shapers of our education system to collaborate and align under a common vision for D.C.: a city where every young person is becoming a changemaker in a learning ecosystem of thriving educators, parents, community members, and leaders.
  2. A speedy preview of our day -- we're at the @ashokachangemakers DC ChangemakerEd Summit! Convening leaders across education, partner orgs in the local DC ecosystem, entrepreneurs, district change leaders, and students all in one spot! Over 200,000 student changemakers represented by 100+ attendees this Saturday morning. (WOW!) Stay tuned for more insights along the way! #DCSummit17 #ChangemakerEd
  3. The first D.C. ChangemakerEd Summit brought together various stakeholders and education leaders to spark a purposeful, sustainable movement for positive change in our D.C. education system.
  4. They are not alone. There is a growing movement taking place. All around the world, schools are reimagining the purpose and goals of education. Their vision? To empower young people to create a better world. Here, a room full of education change leaders dare to think big with questions like: ‘How do we empower young people as agents of change?’ and ‘How do we create changemakers in all walks of life?’
  5. We live in a world of unprecedented change. Sixty five percent of the best jobs of tomorrow do not exist today. From climate change to unemployment to inequality, social problems outrun the solutions. The rapid influx of technology is disrupting classrooms and student behaviors.
  6. In this rapidly changing world, the key factor for success for every community — be it a company, a city or a country — is the proportion of its population who are changemakers. A collective ability to address complex social problems — and to anticipate future ones — is paramount to positively shaping our world.
  7. "Our students will need to create the jobs that don’t yet exist and replace the companies and institutions of old. They will shape the marketplace, influence culture and improve lives. We are uniquely positioned to help them do so from the time they walk into the school doors. If we do not give them permission to create and innovate, then who will?”— Changemakers: Educating With Purpose
  8. "How do we teachers view our students? Do we see them as world leaders and innovators? Problem solvers and community builders? Do we treat them that way? How do we build students' skills and self-concepts as changemakers?" - Sammy Magnuson
  9. More and more teachers are focusing on giving young people the knowledge, skills, values, and sense of purpose to thrive in an interconnected world and drive positive change in their communities. It goes beyond knowing how to read, write, count and memorize. It is about inspiring people to actively care about the world and giving them the tools to make the changes they wish to see: A deep understand of what is and the ability to imagine and bring about what could be.
  10. It takes a changemaker to grow a changemaker. It takes empowered teachers to support powerful students. It takes transformational teaching to spark transformational learning.
  11. “True classroom engagement requires that students also be emotionally, intellectually, and physically engaged in their learning.” - Jane Ehrenfeld, Center for Inspired Teaching
  12. “I think it is important for students to know that they have the ability to change the world around them and to be able to embrace their ideas and passions. As educators it is our role to facilitate this type of learning and thinking. We can support our students with developing the skills they need to communicate effectively and propose solutions to questions and problems they care about. We must also challenge them to take ownership of their actions, passions and interest in their community. By doing this we can enable them to develop the Changemaker mindset. As we do this we also want to keep in mind that the world our students are living in is much different from the one we grew up in and it’s ever changing. As educators we need to give them the power to embrace change for the positive.” — Mrs Petersen, CREC schools
  13. It is important  to invest in your community and commit to be a changemaker by giving back.  #dcsummit17 #changemakered #makeadifference #investincommunity #innovate #education #dcevents #changemaker #dcchangemakersummit
    It is important to invest in your community and commit to be a changemaker by giving back. #dcsummit17 #changemakered #makeadifference #investincommunity #innovate #education #dcevents #changemaker #dcchangemakersummit
  14. Ashoka works with schools and districts to create educational environments that inspire students and teachers to discover their purpose, potential, and passion for learning and social impact.
  15. How has changemaking transformed learning across whole school districts? We work with and learn from education leaders in CREC - Capitol Region Education Council Anne Arundel County Public Schools (AACPS) DC Public Schools to empower young people to be their best selves.