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A Picture is Worth 1000 Words

7th Annual Media Maven Luncheon hosted by CCTV & Common Good Vermont Burlington, Vermont 21 September 2012


  1. Our Panel

  2. Creating a Data Informed (or "Driven") Culture

  3. We rely on data to help us understand the larger environment we operate within, trends within our sector and the performance of our own organizations.
  4. "Data informed organizations use data on a regular basis to determine what is helping (or impeding) their efforts to achieve their missions. They build data into the way they plan, manage and operate....a data informed culture has continuous improvement built into the way it functions." 

    ~ KD Paine & Beth Kanter

  5. The Learning Organization: A Key Indicator of Nonprofit Success

  6. Key Progress Indicators:
    Don't Confuse Activity with Results

  7. 3 Essential Questions of Results Based Accountability:
    > What are We Doing?
    > How Well are We Doing It?
    > Is Anyone Better Off?* (The Most Important)

  8. Helpful Hints

    > Get Leadership Buy-In
    > Start with the End in Mind
    > Recruit Allies Who "Get It"
    > Experiment!
    > Start Small
    > Spend More Time Analyzing than Collecting
    > Tell the Story Behind the Data