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Chiberia hits Lake Forest College

Forester alumni share their Chiberia stories from earlier this month as well as memories of the coldest of cold and snowiest of snowy days as students at Lake Forest College.


  1. Lake Forest College announces on Facebook: "Due to the severe weather and sub-zero temperatures expected tomorrow, Monday, January 6, the College will be closed except for essential activities. People should stay home and safely out of the cold as much as possible. Keep warm!"
  2. Tim State ’93, Associate Vice President of Alumni and Community Engagement, started a conversation among alumni when he wrote on the Lake Forest College Alums Facebook group wall, "The College is closed because of the bitter cold, so I swung by the office early this morning to grab some work and was able to snap this photo."
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  4. Joe McCarthy ’78 chimed in with, "I hope hockey practice is on!" 

    So did Vicki Angel Hagan ’88: "(84-85 Ian Clemmey) and they didn't cancel classes, but suggested stopping in buildings along the way to szabo to warm up."
  5. Derek Lambert ’03, Director of Gift Planning, posted the picture below of his backyard at -15F. "So until I heard Tom Skilling say it, I'd never heard of a 'Polar Vortex' before. I hope I never hear it again."
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  7. Derek: "This is my 20th year at LFC and only the second time the school has closed. The last time took 20 inches of snowfall in less than 24 hours."

    Edwin Ezpy ’13: ^^ Snowpocalypse!! Good times, good times. haha
  8. Here's a couple shots from Bob Blair-Smith ’92.
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  10. And with his son AJ.
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  12. Mark Lassman ’80: "My years were 1976-1978. Temps of -25 with wind chill of -55. Still had to go to class."
  13. Geoff Curtis ’97 writes,"93-94 it was -50+ with wind chill and LFC was the only school in Lake County open."
  14. Look at this icicle that came off of Vicki Eisenhardt's ’00 house!
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  16. Dillon Knoll ’13: "In Wisconsin we call it January..."