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Your Favorite Fall Activities for Kids

Let's Move! followers on Facebook and Twitter shared their favorite fall activities to get kids moving. Check out some our top picks for fall fun. What are some of your favorite fall activities? Keep sharing on Twitter with #LetsMove and on our facebook page.


  1. Raking leaves, and then jumping in the piles
  2. Well living in southern california we have great weather most of the time so we go on hikes, walk the dogs, bike ride, play baseball, gymnastics. We are a very active family.
  3. we love hiking in the fall and make it a scavenger hunt to help our preschooler learn to observe nature (who can be the first to find a complete acorn, a red leaf, a yellow leaf, a pine cone, etc.) Apple-picking (and eating!) is another fun fall activity!
  4. Everyday before school starts our students walk the perimeter of the playground in order to keep moving. Let's keep it moving, Murohy Tigers!
  5. Hula Hoops – can be used several ways!
  6. Football every Sunday !!!
  7. Head to a State or National Park and go on a hike. If the park has a lighthouse, climb the stairs to the top!
  8. Taking grandnieces and nephews to parks or outside to the backyard to play.
  9. Hula Hoops – can be used several ways!
  10. Our favorite Fall activity at the moment is riding bikes with the family!