Deadpool - An Awesome game

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  1. Deadpool is one of those games that completely falls under the radar. It came out relatively close to the release of the Hollywood movie which marks it for instant criticism as a film adaption. However, this game is not related to the Ryan Reynolds movie at all. It has its own story and its own humor. The game definitely has its faults. Not everything is smooth. In fact, I don’t think I would consider it much of a big budget game. Its graphics are fairly simple and its gameplay is fairly simple.

  2. However, with all of those things, the most important thing about an awesome game is that it has to be fun. This does that right 100% of the time. I found myself playing it regularly until it was beat and just having an amazing time the entire time. We get stuck on big names and flashy polygons, but in the end when you can sit down and play a game, that’s what you really want.

  3. Deadpool Review - Xbox One
  4. Short, satisfying, funny as ****!
    Deapool is my favorite Marvel anti-hero, so it was a cinch that I would pick this up. The action is fun and frenetic, gruesome and satisfying. The story is basic, but it's all about the humor - which is fantastic! If I had any gripes, I'd say the game is a little short, but it's the type of game that you want to play through multiple times, to hone your skills and better your scores, plus the jokes are just too good to not hear again and again, some seriously good writing here. Also, the graphics are a bit last gen, which makes sense in that Deadpool originally came out for the 360, but a bit more polish would've gone a long way. If you came for the action and jokes, however, Deadpool delivers in spades!
  5. loved the original hate this port
    i loved the orginal game i waited till this one went on sale but i wish i saw this game was ported by iron glaxy cuz sadly they suck at porting games great studio put they suck at porting why did i give this game 1 star well if you played the orignal your going to see what is wrong by just starting the game the fame rate drops so so bad its umplayable i had to quit the game every time the frames drop like i said love the orginal hate this port