Stage 16: Round-up

Back to being the bridesmaid for Peter Sagan. And no vaches.

  1. Alas...
  2. Does TrollDJ playing Rawhide make up for seeing no vaches?
  3. ha, ha, rawhide almost as good as hearing cows with guns #trolldj #sbstdf #lvdt
  4. No, no it doesn't.
  5. Taste le Tour is like a Breton breeze, reliably splitting the couch peloton.
  6. Btw, for all those bemoaning the lack of butter, there's been about 750ml of cream this year #sbstdf #tasteletour
  7. ...and just as reliably giving us a giggle.
  8. "This is a good way to caramelise your nuts" Did he just say that????
  9. Although the result tonight was less amusing:
  10. This dessert isn't worth the effort #tasteletour and mine looks like I slit my wrists over it -I almost did #sbstdf
    This dessert isn't worth the effort #tasteletour and mine looks like I slit my wrists over it -I almost did #sbstdf
  11. @lesvachesdutour also, I used organic eggs - very yellow yolks with the caramelised nuts turned mine brownish
  12. Ad watch:
  13. This Skoda ad has finally convinced me to buy... a truffle. #yum #sbstdf
  14. Don't want to jinx it but I don't think I've seen a Room 101 ad tonight. #SBSTDF
  15. The French equivalent to a double fronted brick veneer...
  16. Pfft, 19th century tower. We only want to see pre-16th century landmarks. #sbstdf
  17. Maybe the vaches are hiding?
  18. This is getting tedious.
  19. Now, there's an idea!
  20. Are Tinkoff-Saxo changing there bikes so they aren't getting tracked by the telemetric transponders? #sbstdf
  21. Fashion watch:
  22. Has sunglasses fashion gone backwards 15 years? #sbstdf
  23. Write this down, people:
  24. Putting my money on Sagz for 2nd tonight. This could work in his favour, I'm a shit tipper #sbstdf
  25. @hoppysquire I was hoping he'd win, just to spite me. I didn't think of 3rd...ok, now that's going to happen...
  26. Who's that bloke again?
  27. "Meeker, Miker, Meeker, Mikay, Paul help me out" #GeezPhil #sbstdf
  28. It's not as though he won a stage a few days ago or anything.
  29. A bit of a crash...
  30. "Hey you stacked it, are you in pain? You must feel like shit. I'm going to take various close up pics of your face" - Photographer #sbstdf
  31. just a small crash, still can't get over @jice_peraud getting back on his bike with his elsewhere hanging out a few stages ago #sbstdf
  32. 'Infirmary' updated to 'clinic' as Paul rounds the corner into a new millennium #sbstdf
  33. ...led to Paul's hierachy of crashes.
  34. The best crash is at speed so you slide? Tell that to Fabian and Peraud. #sbstdf
  35. Really? I remember a fast crash in Week 1 that was pretty hideous. #sbstdf
  36. Not sure on @PaulSherwen's fast crashes are less damaging theory given @fcancellara's high speed ding! #sbstdf
  37. So by Sherwin logic, crash at 10kph broken arm. Crash on a descent at 70kph, you are lucky to get a bandaid! #sbstdf
  38. Tightrope beats field art:
  39. Pedalling on butter; followed by a hanging bike; followed by a rock can I keep up? #sbstdf #TDF2015
  40. Hansen went... while we were busy.
  41. Jensie was advocating for the couch peloton when it came to mountain bikers.
  42. Unfortunately, to no avail.
  43. #sbstdf "Former ex-mountain biker" does that make him a CURRENT mountain biker?
  44. @anthonyseiver @lesvachesdutour I rode a mountain bike during July in 1994. I'm an ex-mountain biker. Not sure if that helps?
  45. @anthonyseiver Or how many sprints do you have to win before they STOP calling you a former mountain biker? #askrobbie
  46. @anthonyseiver @bugwan If you were wearing a tux, you’d be a formal mountain bike rider, that’s all I know for sure.
  47. Anyone in the peloton ridden a mountain bike? Please make yourselves known to #sherliggettisms. We just don't hear it enough. #tdf #sbstdf
  48. Former mountain biker keeps coming out of the mouths of former commentators. #sbstdf #pasttheirbest
  49. No one ever says "Former rollerblader" do they?
  50. I guess it would take a lot of tractors to make a field art coq.
  51. Holy shit, a French farmer doing a job of work there! #sbstdf
  52. A tractor actually being used for its intended purpose! #sbstdf
  53. Pretty French towns...
  54. Veynes looks beautiful, its sister town Varicouseveynes not so much #sbstdf
  55. ...but no pretty French cows.
  56. It's so pleasant listening to people who don't feel need to eulogise all the time. Good photography, a sweeping score!! Just need vache !
  57. Seems unlikely, to be honest.
  58. Hanson and Haller sounds more like engineers to me than solicitors. #sbstdf
  59. I expect Haller and Hansen are writting some new comedy material whilst they are in this break #doubleact
  60. Go, Adam!
  61. If you ever asked me about which rider is like me?! Watch TV and you see it! @AdamHansen !! He is the man!! Great rider! Great character!!
  62. Careful, now...
  63. Feeling a little more comfortable in that aerodynamic position .... Ummmm ... Errrr ... mind the bumps boys #sbstdf
  64. So the Jensie wasn't lying yesterday when he said Sagan really really really really wants to win.
  65. Sagan had 2 bowls of Fruit Loops this morning it seems. #sbstdf
  66. Today’s fight = the breakaway riders Vs Peter Sagan. #TDF2015
  67. Riblon attacks Sagan's group!! But Sagz brings him back like a yo-yo. #TDF
  68. It's almost like a different race.
  69. sbs very much a G rating tonight, no johnsons, no swearing, no drug use, no echelons #sbstdf
  70. Well, except for this:
  71. "He's getting older by the day" - Phil's words of wisdom #Sherliggettisms #sbstdf
  72. Sagz has done some boneheaded things in the past few years, but holy hell, what a bike rider. Rumour has it, former mountain biker too!
  73. After 'The Big Four', 'The Fantastic Four', 'The Furious Five', Phil finally breaks through with 'The Heads of State' #TdF #sbstdf
  74. I've honestly lost track of how many heads of state there have been. #SBSTDF #SherLiggetisms
  75. Ok p&p, we know Sagan is in green. You've told us every fifteen seconds. Take it easy #sbstdf #saganisingreen
  76. Forget the chateaux from before, Phil really could mow these fields #sbstdf
  77. "It's a big peloton today." As opposed to other days, Phil? #tdfwtf #sherliggettisms
  78. if segan finishes second tonight, will it be him in person? or an impersonator #sbstdf
  79. Name games.
  80. @Kiss_my_Panache I think Reuban Plaza is my new favourite peloton name... on a par with Steele Von Hoff.. sounds classier and less dangerous
  81. @pariswheels @Kiss_my_Panache Steele Van Hoff's private investigator's office is located at Reuben Plaza.
  82. Good times.
  83. I just had a happy memory of Voeckler overcooking a turn on a final descent and arcing into a car park
  84. It was late.
  85. If you don't succeed in getting away... crack the shits.
  86. Riblon busted trying to run away, then cracks it #sbstdf
  87. What's the descent like?
  88. Let's hope podium, then.
  89. insane jens quote. “it’s hospital or podium today.”
  90. You'll be needing this for the descent.
  91. Had Sagan let Plaza get away? He wasn't going to end the stage wondering...
  92. Poetry in motion, apparently.
  93. But was it enough?
  94. The Gap is too much. (Pun intended.) Plaza has this. Sagan’s going to be second, again. Bah. #TDF2015
  95. Plaza looked to have enough...
  96. Not enough road for Sagan...Plaza will get the win
  97. And he did.
  98. Plaza has this... He'll celebrate by eating a sandwich named after himself. #TDF
  99. Not far behind:
  100. Peter Sagan is the first rider to finish second on five stages of the same Tour de France since Alex Zulle in 1999
  101. OK @petosagan thumping his chest as he crossed the line just broke my heart a little. The #MaillotVert brings so much to the #TDF every day.
  102. Poor Sagan tough chasing crazy descending but still a bridesmaid #sbstdf
  103. It's a bit sad, isn't it? 'My name is Plaza. I came first to Peter Sagan in Stage 15.' #sbstdf
  104. Almost as predictable as the commentary...
  105. So... now what?
  106. Eh?
  107. “there’s been a serious decanting here for the quality” ~Paul Sherwen Anyone know what that means?
  108. Phil - "They're the best riders at the moment and you could through a blanket over them" WTF? They'd crash. #TdF #sbstdf
  109. The Ps had prepared us for a challenging finish, but this was a shock.
  110. Sheeeeeit. Barguil's barrelled into Thomas, who's met the telegraph pole. #tdf #sbstdf
  111. Descent to Gap causes grief, that crash was stupid. Poor G. #sbstdf
  112. Fingers crossed for Geraint Thomas. That looked awful!
  113. Thomas collided hard with a telegraph pole and disappeared over the road into the vegetation. Apparently he's up and riding again
  114. In other news, it's fantastic to see glimpses of the nibbles of last year #sbstdf
  115. Gallopin's descent got a lot of attention.
  116. I love that man. Gallopin descending slower than I would and I can't ride a bike. Froome group sitting up. Nibs has 16 seconds.
  117. Gallopin looks like he's out for a cruisy Sunday ride #sbstdf
  118. gallopin descends like a victorian lady riding side saddle #sbstdf
  119. Is something wrong with Gallopin (beyond being cooked)? He looks like he's taking that descent very very slowly... #sbstdf #tdf2015
  120. Evidence that the descent was perilous:
  121. What was that black screen came over the camera? Peril sensitive sunglasses? #sbstdf #hitchhikersguide
  122. Well done, Thomas.
  123. Reports that Thomas is 40sec behind maillot jaune group after pitching off road. More impressive than his climbing at this Tour. #TDF2015
  124. It could have been so much worse.
  125. Looks like G’s lost his shades. If that’s all, that’s a good thing. #TDF2015