Olympics: Women's Time Trial

It goes without saying... there were no cows.

  1. As with the women's road race, the best commentary on Twitter came from Bridie O'Donnell. 
  2. 1st rider is off! It seems like the roads are drying & there are enormous crowds in the first kms lining the road, how awesome!
  3. Informative...
  4. Moolman (RSA) rolls off now, a great (tiny) climber who has had a strong season w her Belgian team, Lotto Belilsol
  5. next is Antoshina (RUS) who has been National TT and RR champion before, enjoying her season w Vos, de Vocht, & Ferrand Prevot in Rabobank
  6. many important ways:
  7. ready to go is Liesbeth de Vocht (BEL) who rides w Vos in Rabobank. She started riding 7y ago after breaking up w her BF of 4y, Tom Boonen
  8. (just a lil bit distracted there at the thought of 4y w Tom Boonen. Awful...)
  9. Check the rest of her Wednesday night tweet stream for a comprehensive view of the race.
  10. We took vache references where we could: 
  11. And worried about our pets:
  12. lol, watching the #LOLympics #TimeTrial and my cat just totally freaked out at the start gate motion and sound... poor Charlie! #notafan
  13. We wondered whether coverage quality issues had been fully resolved.
  14. I wonder if we are going to get any time checks on the #olympictt or is everybody still tweeting too much on the course? #LOLympics [ir]
  15. There was advice for those watching the race live:
  16. #london2012 #tt Spectators make sure you visit Teddington Cheese Shop on station road for some post TT yumminess!
  17. The Kiwi kit stumped some of us:
  18. As did the Swedish helmet design:
  19. A big OMG to the Swedish Time Trial helmets!!! Look a lot like, um, helmets?!?!
  20. But we were pleased by the adornment on Gillow's car.
  21. Great result for a certain... K... Armstrong.
  22. Also, nice work by Phil to pronounce Kristin several different ways #Nibali #Sherliggettism #LOLympics [ir]
  23. @lesvachesdutour It still starts with a K! Phil's doing well that he didn't slip a 'Lance' in there.
  24. And possibly an extra prize:
  25. Does the Women's TT winner #womensTT get to take the throne home as well? #London2012 Look Ma, I won a chair!