Olympics: Men's Time Trial

If I were a gambling person, I'd have put money on no vaches, and dissatisfaction with the coverage.

  1. It seems we were still coming to terms with this whole representing-your-country thing.
  2. If I've said it once, I said it 1 time a few days ago: watching #cycling without team kits confuses me. How old are these guys?! #OlympicTT
  3. The couch peloton didn't want the riders to suffer the same confusion:
  4. I hope someone has reminded Chris Froome that he does not have to sit up and wait for Wiggo tonight! #LOLympics #TT
  5. Our confusion was only compounded by the NZ choice of team kit:
  6. Seems Bauer might not have been all that happy in all white, either.
  7. Yipes, Bauer nearly lost it in the barriers. I'd say a white skinsuit may not have been the best choice for him today...
  8. RT @Greghenderson1: Bauers white skinsuit just changed colour after that corner.
  9. We didn't restrict our criticism to team colours, of course.
  10. And we acknowledged what we liked:
  11. Love the kangaroo on the Aussie support car in the TT. Classic! #London2012
  12. The kangaroos on the Aussie cars are STILL cracking me up. #olympicTT #RoadCycling
  13. Go Mick! Once again, #dryyoureyes Kangaroo only animalspotting on course... plus Scott has got into #familyhistory
  14. There was revision of important facts:
  15. Froome was born in Kenya? I had forgotten since being told 5,000 times at the #TDF. #cycling #TT #London2012
  16. And some new information to absorb.
  17. Oooh, a history of the reservoirs! Built by the Metropolitan Water Board and privatised by Thames Water #youknowyoucare #LOLympics [ir]
  18. A twitter gasp went up as LL Cool Sanch snapped his chain on the ramp.
  19. durty effing chain break Sanchez you poor bugger
  20. So far resisted obvious tweet: Sanchez must be dirty about the chain #lolympics #olympicTT
  21. Tony Martin made his entrance:
  22. Tony Martin flying.... like really, flying along the course - best time so far!
  23. But a lot of us were really just waiting for Spartacus:
  24. Fabian Cancellara starts. It's the Swiss national day today, many will be watching on TV
  25. Which was, of course, thwarted by the FTA broadcaster:
  26. Channel Nine, I hate you. I mean, I always did think you were crap. But now my soul is twisted with vitriol and loathing.
  27. Those of us with pay TV or reliable streams really felt sorry for their loss.
  28. That skinsuit is so sheer you can see the nutritional information on Fab's energy bar #NOTaeuphemism #LOLympics [ir]
  29. @lesvachesdutour almost a shame that the knickers are thicker... almost...
  30. We missed seeing Cowdell out on the course, but his live-tweeting made up for the loss:
  31. Tony Martin doing very well considering his very rough lead-up. Holds his head in a very good posi...
  32. Cance at 30" sec's after 18.4km. Considering his crash on Sat, still riding very well.
  33. T. Martin is very 'smooth' and stable, looking good. Wiggo moving a little more, but it's the clock that counts...
  34. And other experts added their assessments:
  35. Oh god. Tony is pedalling fast. He never does that.
  36. As the last of the riders started getting close to the end, we were all feeling the stress.
  37. Watching this is more stressful than Friday period 5 with Year 9; come on Wiggo! #London2012 #Cycling #TeamGB
  38. Vino finishes a sweaty mess in his tinfoil skinsuit.
  39. Sort of.
  40. It was Wiggins, Martin, Froome, in the end.
  41. Nice to see reactions from participants proud of their excellent achievements:
  42. Amazing experience out on the TT course today. Got everything out #lovedit
  43. Winning sometimes is not what counts.i am just proud and happy that i could participate and give all i had. #respectTheOlympics.
  44. We think Fab earned his littel aperitivo
  45. We're not the only ones drowning in swimming coverage:
  46. Don't you think there are too many medals for swimming at Olimpics?! It pissed me when I think they toke away the Madison in track cycling!
  47. And let's get some perspective on this whole Olympics thing...
  48. TT highlight: woman living near the start who, seeing Sky News camped by her house, asked 'Have you come to cover the planning application?'